Three ways you can help innocent Oregonians clear their names as well as prevent wrongful convictions through reforms to our criminal justice system:



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Your gift to Oregon Innocence Project provides vital legal services to Oregonians who have nowhere else to turn. With your help we can ensure that wrongfully convicted Oregonians receive the assistance they need to prove their innocence.

how we use your donation

Donations to the Oregon Innocence Project are used to fund work on individual cases, to train law students, to educate our justice system and our community about wrongful convictions, and to promote reforms that will address and/or prevent wrongful convictions.

To date, we have received around 500 inquiries from Oregonians seeking our help. Each of these cases must be investigated to see whether there is a legal route to proving innocence. Your gift will make investigation, research, testing, and litigation in these cases possible.

Alternatively, download and print our pledge card, and mail it to us with a check made payable to "Oregon Innocence Project" to Amie Wexler, Oregon Innocence Project, PO Box 5248, Portland, Oregon 97208.



Oregon Innocence Project is administered by the Oregon Justice Resource Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.

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